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June 30 – Happy Feast of Saint Paul!

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Happy Feast of our father, St. Paul! Our founder, Blessed James Alberione referred to St. Paul as the father of our congregation. In many ways, the Pauline family which Fr. Alberione was inspired to found, is called to be St. Paul alive today. What would St. Paul do today to bring the precious message of the Gospel to the people of TODAY? He would certainly make use of any means available to go to the furthest ends of the earth to let Jesus known and loved. And so the Pauline family forges ahead in the footsteps of our father St. Paul doing the same. Join us in celebrating the St Paul Triduum as we give thanks for the gift of the Pauline vocation and mission in the Church and world today!

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Celebrating 82 Years of our Mission and Presence in the USA!

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Today, we celebrate 82 years of our presence and mission in the United States! We praise God for these years of His love and faithfulness as well as His strength and guidance in carrying out the mission He has entrusted to us. In 1932, Mother Paula Cordero and several companions from Italy established our congregation in the United States. Today, about 140 sisters carry out our mission of evangelization using the media in our US and English-speaking Canada Province. Our Pauline sisters serve in 15 Pauline Books and Media centers around the country and at our Publishing house in Boston. We are involved in music and video studios, radio, Digital media, JClub school bookfairs, parish and conference outreach, vocation and media talks, Media studies and many other avenues that, like St. Paul, help us get the beautiful message of God’s love to our world today. Thank you for many ways you join us in getting the Word of God out to so many people today – we thank God for you!

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Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary!

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What does God’s Heart look like? Well…NOTHING can separate us from His love. Neither anguish nor distress, nor persecution nor famine nor nakedness nor peril nor the sword, nor death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor present things, nor future things, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord because in all things we can overcome in ways that we could never imagine through Him who has loved us. (Romans 8:35-39). Thoroughly known. Abundantly loved. Completely cared for. May you rest completely in the love our God and Blessed Mother Mary, now and always! 

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Cinema Divina: Entertaining Angels – The Dorothy Day Story

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Do you love movies? We do! What values do they bring into our lives? Cinema Divina is a spiritual practice drawn from lectio divina. It is a firm portal by which we can engage our noisy, over-stimulating, and technologically mediated world and share our light with the world. See you there!

Please call us to register. Registration is FREE! To prep yourself for this exciting event, check out the trailer here >>

PBMetairie_Entertaining Angels CinemaDivina_April 2014

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Do you wonder if God really loves you?

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Sr. Sean Mayer, FSPDid you ever catch yourself secretly wondering whether or not God really, really has our best interest at heart? It is so easy to slip into thinking that doing the will of God is automatically tantamount to a life of suffering and woe. Instead, Jesus came to bring us life – abundant life! As Pope Francis reminds us we are called to encounter and become messengers of the joy of the Gospel!

Paradoxically, however, we have to admit that the kingdom of God that Jesus preached and lived out in his own life does put us in the pathway of suffering and even conflict. Blessed are the poor, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness… (see Matthew 5:1-11)–these are not the values of the business-as-usual-world and we shouldn’t be surprised when we find opposition. In the face of this where do we find encouragement and confidence in following God’s loving plan for our lives?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Pope Francis is giving the Church – and the whole world – the gift of the canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II. Both of these men teach us with their lives and their words that a life of holiness is a life of deep confidence in God’s love for us.

As the editor for the Classic Wisdom Collection, I was delighted when two of my colleagues volunteered to prepare a book each for this series. Sr. Donna Giaimo compiled Secret to Happiness: Wisdom from John XXIII and Sr. Lorraine Trouvé worked on Be Not Afraid: Wisdom from John Paul II. Like the other titles in this series, Secret to Happiness and Be Not Afraid are short but substantial collections of writings about the spiritual life lived out in the real world. They both address overlapping issues of confidence, humility and trust in God. Let their words and their example inspire you!

Sr. Sean Mayer, FSP

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Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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We are truly blessed once again to have Dr. Brant Pitre this Spring as he gives a talk and book signing of his newest title - Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever ToldCall or email us to order your copy!

The book has already received great reviews:

“This book will change you. It is an invitation to the Messiah’s wedding feast–and a foretaste of heaven. It will change the way you experience the sacraments, personal prayer, Scripture study, and marriage. Most of all, it will deepen your love for Christ.”
-Scott Hahn, author of The Lamb’s Supper and Signs of Life.

“Brant Pitre helps us to know Jesus not just as a Savior and lord, but as our divine bridegroom. This excellent book show how the theme of Christ the bridegroom is at the very heart of salvation history and how it can transform the way we view baptism, the Eucharist, marriage, and our own relationship with Christ. The profound Biblical insights and clear, engaging writing style will take you deeper into the divine love story found in Sacred Scripture.”
-Edward Sri, author of Walking with Mary

Call us to register (Registration is free). Livestreaming options may be available. Will keep you posted. See you soon!


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Cardinal Wuerl on the New Evangelization @ Notre Dame Seminary

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Check out the live stream of Cardinal Wuerl’s talk on the New Evangelization…

Cardinal Wuerl Live at Notre Dame Seminary

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