Meet Jesus Through Mary

May is Mary’s month, come learn how to get closer to Jesus through His mother Mary. Please join us for our upcoming event here at Pauline Books and Media.  Feel free to print out this flyer and help us spread the word!

Do you wonder if God really loves you?

Did you ever catch yourself secretly wondering whether or not God really, really has our best interest at heart? It is so easy to slip into thinking that doing the will of God is automatically tantamount to a life of suffering and woe. Instead, Jesus came to bring us life – abundant life! As Pope Francis […]

Cinema Divina: Entertaining Angels

Inspired by the ancient monastic way of praying with Scripture, Cinema Divina is a prayerful viewing of a movie in light of the Word of God, followed by a time of reflection on how God might be speaking to us through both the Scripture and the story.  

Apostolic Trip to Guam

Sr. Fay and Sr. Laura went on an apostolic trip to Guam, we were there about 2 weeks. It went very well!  Our mission as Daughters of St. Paul is to evangelize, to spread the Good News about Jesus, using the media. So we went and brought the Word of God with us to diffuse to […]