Do you wonder if God really loves you?

Did you ever catch yourself secretly wondering whether or not God really, really has our best interest at heart? It is so easy to slip into thinking that doing the will of God is automatically tantamount to a life of suffering and woe. Instead, Jesus came to bring us life – abundant life! As Pope Francis […]

A Profound Encounter with Jesus Christ

We’ve heard it a thousand times: “Go out to all the world and tell the good news” (Mark 16:15). But what is this “Good News” that we are supposed to be proclaiming? At the heart our Catholic Faith is all about Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who loves us and for us was […]

Faith Is a Journey into God’s Horizons

Get faith! Have faith! Keep the faith! Believe the teachings of the Faith! At least three things seem to be communicated by these statements: trust, perseverance, and orthodox belief. And indeed, when it comes to understanding faith, this may be how most would define this virtue. Instead, I like to imagine faith as a diamond. […]